In October, we conducted our annual Stewardship Campaign, a time when each of us considered our monetary pledge to the church for the coming year. 

For 2017 the Episcopal Stewardship Network chose the theme "Journey to Generosity."  We considered what it means to be generous or charitable or kind not only with our money, but also with our actions and our words and our thoughts.

Here, members of our church answered the question, "Why do I give to the church?"

Square Sandy.jpg

I give out of thankfulness to God for all that he has done for me, for being with me, and for the many blessings.


Square Bill.jpg

I thank the church for the fellowship, friends, and people who have helped serve with me throughout the years.  I like the Episcopal Church.  It helps people in different situations where they need help.


Square Carol.jpg

I am privileged to be a member of Trinity Episcopal Church.  It’s an historic church.  I am grateful to Mother Carenda and Pete and all the nice friends I have met here.  I am very glad to attend here and give to the best of my ability.


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I care for the church.  It’s the Lord’s house and we have an obligation to take of His house for now and for future generations to come.




I give because I want to take care of my church family.  Church has always been a priority in my life.



Merle & Emily

Square Marion.jpg

I think I probably learned it from my parents because my mother was the church goer in the family and she always gave to her church.




I give to the church because I want it to go on for others who might need help.  It was the one place that I felt really at home when I came here (from England in 1946), so I would like to think that other people could come here and make it their home, as well.




When we look back, many other people gave of themselves to build this church and have it there for us to inherit.  We really must continue to do that so that we can pass it on to the younger people who will love it as we do.




I’m glad to feel part of the many wonderful things that Trinity does in the community, like the breakfast program.  We really are following our Lord’s wishes if we help one another.