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Direct Contributions


Make a direct payment by Credit Card to Trinity.

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Naming a charitable organization such as Trinity Episcopal Church, Chambersburg as a beneficiary in a will is probably the most common, and for some individuals, the easiest, way to provide a gift.  You can designate a specific gift amount or percentage of the estate, and also indicate how you wish your gift to be used.



Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a gift vehicle whereby a donor transfers cash or securities to a charitable organization and in return receives fixed payments depending on the donor's age, as well as a charitable deduction for a portion of the initial gift.  In the Trinity Episcopal Chambersburg Charitable Gift Annuity program, the minimum gift amount is $5,000.  Contact the Church Office for more information.


IRA qualified charitable distributions

For those older than 70 1/2, a qualified charitable distribution permits direct transfers to a qualified charity such as Trinity Episcopal Church Chambersburg from a tax-deferred IRA savings account.